Total Rush Shop Ride

The Saturday Shop ride is our bread and butter ride. The essential to kick start your riding with Total Rush and an institution of Melbourne cycling!

TR Shoppie GRR

The Shop Ride is BACK!

The Saturday shop ride has been running for over twenty years, and we think it's a really fun and well packaged ride.
Join the TR Pink Train this Saturday!

Riders must be on a drop handlebar style road bike to participate in this ride. No TT bikes or Flat Bar bikes.
Whilst not mandatory, we prefer everyone to have a Total Rush jersey or gilet on so we can identify our group easily. This makes for a safer ride for all concerned. 


Leaves Total Rush Cafe at 7.00am (Cafe is open from 6:30am for your pre ride caffination!)
St Kilda - meet at Luna Park on Beach Road at 7.25am - you'll see the pink train coming, just jump on the back as we go past.

The ride takes a leisurely pace to Mordialloc, and rolls in a two-up formation the whole way with an emphasis on no riders being dropped.
Pace is usually around 28kph.

Once we arrive in Mordialloc, the ride will take a quick rest-room and regrouping break before returning to St Kilda where we finish the ride at Luna Park.

For the return trip, the bunch often splits into separate groups (sometimes we form as many as three groups) consisting A, B and C groups and so on.

A - 38-50+ kph
B - 33-38 kph
C - Social pace dictated by who is there on the day.

These are just guides and each week differs slightly based on who is on the ride.
This gives the stronger riders a chance to stretch their legs and other riders a great opportunity to learn rolling turns and bike craft under the eyes of experienced riders on the way back.

When finished, riders regroup again opposite Luna Park, before heading back to Rush Cafe for a well deserved coffee and breakfast.

TR Shop Ride Giro Della Donna

Join us this Saturday! The ride runs in most weather. 

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