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Flux 1250 Headlight
The newest top-of-the-line Flux headlight continues the Flux tradition of optimal beam pattern, wide variety of mounting options, and super rugged construction. Compared to the Flux 1200, the Flux 1250 increases lumens and runtime, throws in the helmet an
Flash Combo Headlight/Taillight
Headlight: 20- to 70-lumen output.
Headlight: 2 hours to 24 hours runtime.
Tail light: 5- to 20-lumen output.
Tail light: 2 hours to 20 hours runtime.
Flexible mounting system works with handlebar and seatposts from 22.2mm up to 35mm in diameter, as w
Flux 850 Headlight
Splitting the difference between the previous Flux 800 and 900, the Flux 850 gets the game-changing Mode Shift found on the Flux 1250. This means there are three steady modes, all using both the wide and spot beams. Go from Steady Low to Steady High in a
Exposure Trace2 Front 125 Lumens Daybright
Extremely lightweight entry level front light for urban commute or as a secondary light.

Features USB convenience, a choice of 6 burn times, DayBright flash pattern and side illumination for 180 visibility makes this an attractive package.
Bespoke pul
Stix Elite Headlight
Day or night, the Stix Elite headlight packs a powerful punch. Running in Steady-High mode at night, it delivers 100 lumens of focused, strong, and bright light to guide your way. It’s a true to-see-by headlight.
Flashback Taillight
Put this little bright spot anywhere—your belt, your backpack, your seatpost—and ride on. The Flashback is your go-to savior, packing a mighty “I’m here!” punch to keep you visible on the streets.
Knog Mid Cobber Twinpack Headlight/Taillight
The stand out feature of this new Cobber front and rear light is the 330° of light that is produced, meaning cyclists can be clearly seen from both sides as well as the front and rear. In an increasingly busy world, this bike light is brilliantly effectiv
Exposure TraceR Rear 75 Lumen Daybright
Lightweight rear light in a CNC aluminium body for urban commuting, road and time trial use. Three modes, six outputs, side illumination and various aftermarket mounting options make this a superb foundation for our rear light range.
Bespoke pulse patter
Exposure Sirius MK8 750 Lumens Daybright
Exposure Sirius the perfect commute light for the rider who wants versatility and a high output. An array of runtime options cater for different rides and conditions and side illumination maintains safety throughout the urban jungle.
Stix Saddle Mount Black
With the Stix Saddle mount, a Stix tail light can be easily mounted under any saddle featuring SWAT™-compatible mounting holes.
Exposure Maxx D Mk13 2500-4000 lumens
2500-4000 lumens! Need a light with a powerful output that simultaneously highlights the edge of the trail, without compromising the far-reaching beam, AND automatically adjusting output in tune with the terrain? Then look no further than the Maxx D; per
Lil Cobber Front Light
The Lil' Cobber Front is very bright, emitting 110 lumens, making you visible day and night. Best commuter light of 2021!
Flux 250r Taillight
Packing a huge punch with 250 lumens, the Flux 250R taillight is visible at more than 1 mile (1.5 km) in the brightest daytime conditions. In Morgan Hill, California Specialized get those conditions all the time—this is the taillight we made for ourselves
Blinder Mini Chippy Black - Rear
The Knog Blinder Mini Chippy Rear Light, is so called because of the Chips on Board technology used giving a panel of light. This little bicycle light packs a punch and will keep you visible on the road.
Knog Mid Cobber Front Light/Headlight
Australian brand Knog have produced the number one commuter light for 2021. The new Cobber range of front and rear lights from Knog ensures you are visible from all angles by producing an incredible 330º of light.
Lil Cobber Rear Light / Tail Light
The Knog Lil’ Cobber Rear Bike Light produces an incredible 330° of light, so you’ll be clearly seen from all angles. It’s brilliantly effective at attracting attention day and night, so if you’re after the best commuter bike light of 2021 look no further
Stix Switch Combo Headlight/Taillight
A true two-in-one, the Stix Switch comes at you with a dual-minded design, flipping between red or white modes depending on the needs of your ride. Simply press and hold the button and you can go from a bright red taillight to a simple white headlight in
Stix Elite 2 Taillight
Nothing says: see me now, louder than a strong and bright taillight, both for day or nighttime use. With its spherical lens, which directs lumens more than 800m in the brightest Australian sun, the Stix Elite taillight is the go-to taillight.
This mount gives you the option of position your Flux light beneath your computer head unit on your Tarmac SL7 or Venge integrated mount, or another type of mount, using an action-camera type attachment, which will keep the Flux well out of the way of cab
PWR RedCap + Helmet Mount
Add rear light functionality and mount your PWR Rider or PWR Commuter to your helmet. PWR Red Cap gives you a 12 lumen narrow rear light beam for day and night visibility. Can be programmed with Modemaker.
Stix Switch Combo Headlight/Taillight 2pk
With the Stix Switch 2-Pack, your lighting options are endless. How? The Stix Switch features the ability to switch between red and white modes with a simple, long press of the power button. So, if you need extra light up front, more visibility at the rea
Flash 300 Headlight
Our latest to-see-by headlight, the Flash 300 brings Flux-style beam control to a more budget-friendly pricepoint. The Flash headlight combines a clean, compact design with a simple-yet-elegant silicone strap that reminds us of a watchband design from our
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